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russ mckenzie
russ mckenzie
Louis was so helpful for us in determining the ins and outs of tax implications for a move from the U.K. to Spain. Thank you so much for your clear and comprehensive advice. Highly recommended!
Amanda Kuo
Amanda Kuo
A dedicated and multi-lingua team. They offer practical solutions to my problem and they are a more than professional and trustworthy!! Thank you!!
Aleksandar Dimitrov
Aleksandar Dimitrov
Entre Trámites es mi gestoría de confianza desde hace el principio del año. Estoy satisfecho con el servicio mensual y Louis es un crack. Gracias por todo y espero que podamos trabajar juntos a la larga!
Theo Belnou
Theo Belnou
When I first started to work with Entre Tramites I left a 5 star review. The service was amazing, I had a very useful setup call with Louis and they were very reactive. Naturally, I keep working with them when I opened my company in Spain. Unfortunatly the service was absolutly not the same. I had hard time to get responses, the platform they asked us to use (AON solutions) was full of bugs and we lost a lot of time to recover invoices and documents that was already on this platform. I don't accuse their employee because they are working very hard and they doesn't seems to have in of time to manage every clients correctly. I'm sad to leave such a bad review because I was really impressed by their services but unfortunetly the lack of professionalism is affecting my business and they need to react.
Gisela Elbaum
Gisela Elbaum
Excelente el servicio y atención !!!! Cumplieron con los tiempos tal cual me dijeron ! Un placer trabajar con la empresa !
inexperiencia, lio, faltas en la comunicación. perdida de tiempo y dinero ya que no entregaron lo que se prometio. Louis, en la llamada gratuita antes de contratar servicio, por otro lado si que sabia de que estaba hablando pero desafortunadamente me atendió otra persona - una estudiante(parece de practicas) y no un profesional.
Carlos Toca
Carlos Toca
Very knowledgeable about all ways to navigate paperwork in Barcelona. Oscar in particular is very helpful and prompt in his help.
Radu Draghia
Radu Draghia
I'm planning to move to Spain this year and I had a lot of things I was not certain of in terms of tax. Louis has been super super helpful and knowledgeable, I even got an email follow up with a detailed explanation. I can't thank you enough, and I'll be in touch before I make the move.
Scott Carl
Scott Carl
I had a short conference call with Louis Williams about a week ago. He was organized, knowledgeable and very efficient. Within 30 minutes I understood not only the tax consequences of receiving 1099 income from the US, but also what my options are going forward, and what the estimated tax rate should be during my 1st year as a resident of Valencia. I had some additional tax-related questions which were a little technical in nature, and Louis handled them with ease and helped me to feel quite confident about my understanding of everything. Louis even went so far as to provide us with some additional suggestions on how I can get residency most efficiently (my wife is Schengen). Thanks again, Louis, you provided me with great value on our call!
Claudiu Badea
Claudiu Badea
Louis is super helpful and friendly as well as really knowledgeable! Am very happy with our interactions.

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  1. Through the form, you will have an immediate budget according to the data you enter.
  2. You contract the Online service within the same form.
  3. You receive an email with the documentation we need.
  4. Once you send it, your tax advisor begins to review your income and contacts you to resolve any doubts.
  5. We inform you of the result and present your Tax Return.
  6. The management term varies depending on the period and we always inform you of the estimated time.
  1. Late submission: Select this option if you have to file a Declaration from previous years.
  2. Supplementary: Select this option and we will present a complementary declaration, to modify some data of your previous declarations.
  3. Relocated Worker Income Tax: if you are a foreign worker displaced in Spain and meet a series of requirements, you can take advantage of the Beckham Law and pay your income as an inpatient.
  4. >>Renta 2021<<: You can now leave your Income Tax 2021 contracted, but remember that the submission period will not begin until next April 6, 2022. Once the service has been contracted, we will present your Rent in order of arrival and within a maximum term 5 business days after delivery of documentation.

It is the income statement that the spouses present through a single document and payment. You can have a certain bonus to offset the progressivity of the tax suffered compared to presenting the same income in separate returns for each of the spouses.

Cell 505 of the 2020 income corresponds to the “General taxable base subject to tax” of the return. It refers to the final amount on which the sections of income tax are applied once the deductions and reductions to which the taxpayer was entitled have been applied.

casilla 505

Our prices are fair and transparent; you pay for what you need. The price varies depending on the difficulty of your Income Tax. Payment is made in the last step of the form and must be made by debit or credit card.

Once you contract your Rent, we will indicate the specific documentation that we need in your particular case. You have up to 30 days to send it or up to 10 days before the deadline ends.

On April 6, the online submission period will begin. The last day of the campaign will be June 30.

You will always have a personalized treatment and direct contact with your advisor. You can communicate at any time (as long as it is business hours and about the services you have contracted) by email or telephone, whichever is more comfortable for you.

You have up to 15 days to request the cancellation of the service, as long as you have not sent the documentation or made inquiries. The refund of the money will be made effective on your card in less than 14 days. Check our contracting conditions.

We want to listen to you and know what your doubts and / or needs are about the Income Tax 2021. Count on the advice of our experts to clarify all your doubts. Do it in our contact form during our office hours, and we will contact you quickly.

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