Through this Model EX16 , the foreigner who is in Spain can request the travel document, certifying that it is an exceptional need to leave Spanish territory and they cannot provide their own passport. Or on the other hand, request the registration card that allows you to document it.

It is the issuance of a travel title  that enables foreigners documented  by means of a registration card  to leave Spanish territory and to the specified countries and return to Spanish territory.

If the object of the travel document is exclusively to enable the return of the applicant to his country of nationality or residence, the travel document will not contain an authorization to return to Spain.

What are the data that must be specified in the Model EX16?

In addition to the type of document requested, the reasons for requesting it must be indicated, which may be for exceptional humanitarian reasons, public interest, commitments acquired by Spain.

What are the required documents, in addition to Model EX16?

If a travel document is requested, the following must be provided along with the application form:

Who has to apply?

The foreigner will have to present it personally.

Where should you show up?

You can go to the Immigration Office or the Police Station of the place where you have your domicile.

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