Government grants and private investment for your company

We help you finance your startup with public loans and grants, and with private capital.

We work hand in hand with Intelectium, one of the market leaders in obtaining business financing.

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There are many financing alternatives. Our job is to find the one that best fits your business.


Financing for startups and SMEs

Financing for the internalization of startups and SMEs

Participative loans for Catalan companies

Participatory loans for startups and SMEs in Catalonia


Finances the start-up of new projects that require the use of technologies.

Subsidy for the hiring of personnel with a PhD degree.

Aimed at supporting the growth of technology startups in Catalonia

European funds to help business projects.



They seek to accelerate the technological development of companies and mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

Financial support for industrial investment.


It allows to recover between 12% -42% of the opex of i + d + i.

For companies that have dedicated personnel on their payroll, at least 85% of their time, in R&D activities

It allows channeling new private investment towards I+D projects.


ICO: it has specific agreements with the banks with which it discounts the interest rate and assumes part of the risk of the operation.

We connect with Business Angels and Venture Capital Funds that best suit your project

Why choose our service?

  1. Intelectium makes a meticulous selection of the startups with which it collaborates. They prioritise quality over quantity.
  2. In addition, we become financial partners of the company and we take a proactive approach searching for new assistance that may interest you.
  3. Intelectium has been requesting funding for more than 15 years, which makes it a company with great expertise and a very established relationship with the different public organisations.
  4. One of our main characteristics is that our fees are 100% success based,  we do not charge any set up fee to start working and we only invoice once the entrepreneurs are successful.

Personalized service 

 You will have a personal manager included in your rate. Contact your manager for any question related to your status as a freelancer

All-inclusive prices 

The prices you see are the final prices. 

No minimum period

You do not have any type of minimum period commitment.

Daily agenda

You will always be aware of your fiscal, commercial and labor obligations

Constant advise

You can always count on our team to monitor your business and to consider which services are best suited to your needs. 

Direct contact

Personalised attention from a trusted specialist, with whom you can communicate at all times through our different channels: telephone, chat or email.