Calculator of Self-Employed Hourly Rate in Spain

With our calculator you can determine how much to charge per hour as a self-employed in an efficient and fair way, optimizing your income and maintaining your competitiveness in the market.

*Consider setting a realistic amount that allows you to live well and that you are comfortable with.

*It depends on the regime you are under and the amounts range from 1% to 15%. (See more information). If you don't know for sure, leave it blank.

*Add the percentage (%) of earnings or savings you want to have from your salary.

How much should you charge per hour?
Disclaimer: Please note that there are various regulations and regimes you may be eligible for that affect the total salary of a self-employed in Spain. Please try to be as accurate as possible when providing your data.

Setting your self-employed hourly rate

Being self-employed means the freedom to work for yourself, but it also comes with the responsibility of setting a fair rate for your services.

Calculating an appropriate self-employed hourly rate in Spain is essential to ensure sufficient income and maintain profitability for your business.

Therefore, we will explore in detail how to calculate the hourly rates for a self-employed in Spain and the various factors to consider so you can make informed decisions.

Calculator Self-employed Hourly Rates

self-employed hourly rate calculator

This is the information you need to understand in order to accurately calculate the hourly rates for a self-employed in Spain

What is the purpose of establishing the hourly rates for a self-employed in Spain?

Firstly, an appropriate hourly salary allows the self-employed individual to calculate and invoice accurately, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work. Additionally, this contributes to the profitability of their activity by covering operational costs and ensuring income that aligns with the effort invested.

It also impacts the potential competitiveness of the self-employed individual in the market, as establishing a balanced rate is key to attracting clients and avoiding perceptions of excessive pricing or inferior quality.

Lastly, it allows the self-employed to plan their finances and achieve financial goals more efficiently.

What percentage of Personal Income Tax (IRPF) withholding should I apply to my invoices?

In the case of self-employed workers in Spain, the personal income tax withholdings they must make on invoices issued to their customers vary depending on the economic activity and the situation of the self-employed person. The withholding rates applicable for 2023 are as follows:

It is important to note that these percentages are indicative and subject to change. Additionally, there are certain special situations in which self-employed individuals can request a reduction or specific retention rate.

It is also useful to verify the current tax regulations and consult with an advisor to determine the correct percentage of IRPF retention to apply to your invoices.

Average self-employed hourly rates in Europe:

To give you a point of reference, it is useful to compare self-employed hourly rates in other European countries.

The following table shows a brief comparison of average self-employed wages in the EU:

Country Average Rates per Hour (€)





United Kingdom








What factors should be considered when calculating a self-employed hourly rate in Spain?

When calculating your hourly rates, consider the following factors:

In conclusion, establishing a fair and appropriate self-employed hourly rate in Spain is essential to ensure the financial sustainability of your business in the country.

By using our calculator to determine how much to charge per hour as a self-employed individual, you can evaluate all relevant factors and obtain an accurate and competitive rate.

Remember to consider your needs, financial goals, expenses, and other factors to calculate a rate that reflects the value of your work and provides you with fair compensation.

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